Mar 31, 2010

Mar 26, 2010

Circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, quadrangles.

One thing I would really like to do before I die is ride a horse...
Once upon a time, they brought a horse to our school....
lets just say my shoes didn't come home all that pretty....
so now, you could say I'm afraid of a horses backside...


it was a hairy bear, it was a scary bear, and we ran from it like a crazy bear

another day...
anothyer out fit...

Mar 3, 2010


i don't know what to write.


This blog is so boring.
I fail at making blogs.
hmmmmm i need to somefink different....
any suggestions?

Lovely Picture? Don't you think?

Feb 18, 2010


I kinda went on a inspirational ramapage one day, and created outfits...
just not today.
i feel like poop today.
I have to do hw, and clean out my room, and laundry, and cooking dinner, and then more hw.
so here are the inspirational rampage outfits.

A Long Long Necklace

walking wild

they didn't love me until i loved them


and more to come!
(some of these are off of my old blog, just to let you know)


Feb 16, 2010


I found these pair of heart tights, just wanted to use them in an outfit.


I guess i didn't do much today...
i feel tired, it's only tuesday and it feels like such a long week already.
maybe its just me
it probably is just me.
I just went to school today, and just came back its 2:30 now i suppose.
More homework as usual
but no projects thank god.


I was just thinking about France, and how almost everyone there manages to be skinny and stylish, while living offa croissants and insanely good food. Isn't it insane? I wish i could go there, to Paris specifically, and live there for maybe a couple years, surrounded in good clothes and good food.
Ahh, my dream...
An outfit i would wear there:

{{that's a shirt dress, and that bracelettly looking thing is actually a really cool necklace :D}}


Feb 12, 2010

Newww seeettt

I'm thinking about changing my blog layout.
Gotta find a good one though....
New outfit:

That blazer isn't quite right, but the concept is there.
I want everything from this set, and I could probably get the shoes since they're h&m...
Agg, frustrating myself with trying to braid my hair into a side braid.
It's not working at all.
Damn layers.
It would work perfectly find if it weren't for them....


gotta try harder!!

Hershey Kisses,

Feb 9, 2010

They call it sleepy

Sorry I haven't posted recently! I've been kinda busy and forgetful, with school and what not.
Oh, and did you hear? Alexander McQueen died. He was a good designer.
A couple of his pieces to appreciate:
alexander mcqueen

I loved his acessories. He had a punk, street sort of style, and i really like it since a lot of the designers did a parisian sort of thing and it was different, and refreshing.
Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen.


Jan 31, 2010

They Call it hollywood

Been watching some cheesy flick
about a girl who switches places with a movie star that looks like her
it was pretty awful but...
it inspired me to come up with this!

reminds me of hollywood directors....
but what ever.
agg, tongue burns from the over buttered popcorn!


just been thinking.

I've just been thinking....
would people be different if....
we had pink sky's
the ground was purple
if everyone's skin was the same...(yes, it would change but would humans find some other petty thing to fester over?)
if the earth was square...
if there were seventeen planets...
if we were purple(all of us)....
if we had five legs...


click on pic for source

Jan 29, 2010

they call it photography

I've been thinking.
I really love fashion photography...
they make it surreal with the models, clothes and that pinch of editing.
It looks very simplistic and gorgeous.

Same simplicity...isn't that Cinderella?
It looks amazing! Cinderella Vogue-ified
another cinderella vogue pic!
This one looks more ethreal.,leibovitz,red,dress,vogue,fashion,photography-826a2ae02432665b704c99ea46804496_h.jpg

Since there are so many princess ones
here are some that aren't(princessy):

Hmmm... vintage/edgy??

very bright :D

gotta go now


Jan 28, 2010

They call it Inspired

I feel inspired by a pic on my friends blog(click on friends blog for link).
Here it is:

It has a very vintagey cool feel to it.

So here's vintagey cool out fit:

vintage cool

Agg, those boots aren't right
can't find the ones I'm looking for
dunno what they're called.....
This is frustrating!
I hope you know which boots i intended to use....

Yours until i find the name of those boots,
Ary ;)

They call it red

I have just become aware of a trend sweeping the nation.
Well, actually i was aware of it a while back really...
but any way, the trend: RED LIPSTICK
I really, truly, love it.
Very 1900's and very awesome.


Red lipstick on emma watson:

it looks really pretty!

Okay, i was going to show you another example of red lipstick looking pretty, but since i can't find a good picture, we're just going to let it go.

Try it out :D
(i mean red lipstick, not searching for a good red lipstick looking pretty example)

~Ary ;)

they call her emma

Since I am a great fan of Emma Watson,
I believe I should do a post on her sometime
Or maybe now before i forget.

doo doo doo doodoo do do do(also known as the jeopardy song)

I really love this one.

Okay now the first pic

Isn't the dress so pretty and bright?
I love the shade of purple mixed with the turquoise ribbon....

I like this outfit because it's rocker chic, due to the shoes and lame leggings.
Aren't the little horses adorable??

If you don't mind,
I'll just skip the commentary, because you already know that i will "ooooohhh" and ahhhh over every little thing :D


and if you didn't know
now you do ;)

Don't you just love the outfits?


PS: all picture except the last one came from here
For the last pic, click on pic for source.

They Call it Rodarte

I just found time to look at the Rodarte Collection from target(yes, i know I'm a little late but whatever),
and it seems a bit weird to me.
I mean i thought rodarte was all "edgy and modern" as people said,
and then i see the dresses and stuff and go, "Whoa."
Why? Because the dresses are actually girly.
Yes, girly.
Look for yourself(if you haven't already beaten me to it)


I find it extremely surprisng that they went from this:

To this


These particular pieces are less girly, but they still have that girly- ness about them.

But although different from before,
it is pretty good the whole line.
I haven't seen anymore, of the pieces, but hopefully they'll be good too.


Jan 26, 2010

{They Call it Tuesday}

Today feels like such a Tuesday,
With a science test and the whole entire week in front of you.
It's a depressing aspect, and makes you truly wish for the weekend.
and then you feel lazy

Tuesday/lazy day out fit!



I suppose this sorta show the darkness of Tuesday...
It feels like a Tuesday outfit.
The top would look cool belted too....
but that's too much for tuesday :/

Good Bye,

Jan 19, 2010

"Hello, goodbye!"