Mar 31, 2010

Mar 26, 2010

Circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, quadrangles.

One thing I would really like to do before I die is ride a horse...
Once upon a time, they brought a horse to our school....
lets just say my shoes didn't come home all that pretty....
so now, you could say I'm afraid of a horses backside...


it was a hairy bear, it was a scary bear, and we ran from it like a crazy bear

another day...
anothyer out fit...

Mar 3, 2010


i don't know what to write.


This blog is so boring.
I fail at making blogs.
hmmmmm i need to somefink different....
any suggestions?

Lovely Picture? Don't you think?

Feb 18, 2010


I kinda went on a inspirational ramapage one day, and created outfits...
just not today.
i feel like poop today.
I have to do hw, and clean out my room, and laundry, and cooking dinner, and then more hw.
so here are the inspirational rampage outfits.

A Long Long Necklace

walking wild

they didn't love me until i loved them


and more to come!
(some of these are off of my old blog, just to let you know)


Feb 16, 2010


I found these pair of heart tights, just wanted to use them in an outfit.


I guess i didn't do much today...
i feel tired, it's only tuesday and it feels like such a long week already.
maybe its just me
it probably is just me.
I just went to school today, and just came back its 2:30 now i suppose.
More homework as usual
but no projects thank god.