Feb 16, 2010


I found these pair of heart tights, just wanted to use them in an outfit.


I guess i didn't do much today...
i feel tired, it's only tuesday and it feels like such a long week already.
maybe its just me
it probably is just me.
I just went to school today, and just came back its 2:30 now i suppose.
More homework as usual
but no projects thank god.


I was just thinking about France, and how almost everyone there manages to be skinny and stylish, while living offa croissants and insanely good food. Isn't it insane? I wish i could go there, to Paris specifically, and live there for maybe a couple years, surrounded in good clothes and good food.
Ahh, my dream...
An outfit i would wear there:

{{that's a shirt dress, and that bracelettly looking thing is actually a really cool necklace :D}}